Aggelos Imprint Printing Services is mainly located in Baguio City, Philippines and registered at a national level thereby rendering it available to serve its clients nationwide. Its vision is to become the primary source of printed materials based on its mission by providing affordable and excellent printed products.

Offering a wide variety of printable materials based solely on the specifications of the customers, the company can also cater at a global level. All requested products can be delivered with additional minimal delivery charges which will be shouldered by the customer.

All products are made from superlative materials ensuring guaranteed satisfaction for the buyer. For international requests, a minimum number of orders may be required depending on the items that will be acquired.

Please make sure that your specifications are final and without errors since the printing of the final design on the desired material will be deemed final and already paid by the customer. Any errors regarding the design that requires a new printing job will be shouldered by the customer since beforehand, an agreement will be signed that the final design is approved without any errors by the customer.

You can always reach the management via the contact forms found in this web store and also at the main website of AIPS.