Terms of Service:

This legal document consisting of the Terms of Service Agreement will be referred to as the "Agreement" establishing an accord between the client and/or visitor to our website herein referred to as "You" and Aggelos Imprint Printing Services herein referred to as "the Company" that has its location in Baguio City. Aggelos Imprint Printing Services is the owner and operator of this website and the provider of tools and support services found and offered by means of this website.

You are required, prior to your usage of the functions, services, and tools on this website, that you must read, agree and comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. If you access the website using any means or methods, use any elements, functions, modules, services, and tools that the site offers, including viewing any graphics, reading any texts, registering and becoming a member, will be tantamount to having read and agreed to the terms and conditions set in this Agreement. Any conditions and provisions that you are not agreeable with, it is necessary that you leave the site and desist from using any services offered by the Company.

Printed Products and Related Information

Any item found on the website are qualified for any cancellations and revisions without notification. Aggelos Imprint Printing Services and all its entities may, without prior notice, cancel any service deem necessary within the sole discretion of the Company.

The term "charge-backs" is defined as canceling of any fees and/or service charges paid for using your credit card.


All products will be eligible for a refund provided that the following variables are satisfied:

  • You have not done anything that may have caused damage to your delivered item.

  • You have seen damage as soon as you have opened it from its packaging.

  • You have contacted the Company within 15 days upon receipt of delivery.


Any product that you found unsatisfactory may be filed with a written complaint within seven calendar days during which the service was performed. Beyond this seven-day period and you have not filed any written complaint, you release the capacity to dispute and other related refusals for payment and charges. As soon as we receive your written complaint, the Company will act upon it immediately and will seek to resolve the issues you have mentioned in your written complaint. All unresolved complaints will be handled by a mandatory and lawful resolution.

Trademarks, Service Names, Service Marks, and other Intellectual Property

You are not permitted to use name, logo, trademarks, and any other elements related to the website and the Company itself, in any manner whether through commercial, non-commercial, private, or public manner without the written consent of the Company.

Right to Refuse, Suspend or Terminate Service

The Company has the right to refuse, suspend, or terminate any service deemed necessary from any user at their sole discretion without any advance notice. The Company will refuse, suspend, or terminate service if a user was found to be using his or her own computer system in an illegal way, distributing indecent or obscene contents, violating individual rights of privacy or publicity, violating civil rights of any person, defaming an entity or any third party, publishing "hate" and "racist" materials, and/or performing harassments and threatening the lives of any individual.

General Site Rules

All customers, clients, registered members, and visitors may not:

  • Violate any law of any jurisdiction during a visit to any elements of our website.

  • Harass or Cyberstalk any user or member of the website.

  • Perform any harmful activities on our website which will be determined exclusively by the Company.

  • Post any blasphemous, defamatory, hateful, indecent, intolerant, or obscene content or information that violates any laws of any jurisdiction.

  • Upload any harmful materials to any computer of any user that is despicable or contemptible to our whole community.

  • Ambiguously and fraudulently represent yourself as another person of any entity.

  • Wrongfully and inaccurately represent any professional and business entities.

You must be of legal age to use any elements of our website and must be of adult age in your jurisdiction before you become a client of our website. We do not allow any user under the age of 18 years. A parent or guardian should enroll on behalf of their children but will be accountable whenever their children use any elements of our website. The Company will post guidelines, policies, and rules from time to time as soon as they become integrated into this Agreement.

Some rules that cannot be transgressed by any member include the following:

  • Any post that promotes "defamation", "hate", "intolerance", "invitation to fight", "racial prejudices", "threatening" to any person or individual that we deemed improper and offensive in our sole discretion will have a repercussion of terminated membership without any advance notices to any member.

  • Regarding spamming activities, the Internet Community generally described "spamming" as unsolicited emails, unsolicited bulk emails, irrelevant and commercial-based postings and as such, will result in terminated memberships without any advance notices to any member.

  • Any individual may terminate their membership and cease to use any elements of our website.

  • The Company may terminate the membership of any user at any time without any advance notice for any reason we deemed relevant for termination.

  • The Company has a Privacy Policy that is published and can be accessible by a user. The Privacy Policy is integrated as a reference for this Agreement as if completely stated in greater detail in this document.

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